Group 2

The Classic Motor Racing Club President and Committee are proud to announce a bold new initiative in our Classic Saloon classes.

We intend to run a separate race or grid at all of our future meetings for Motorsport NZ Group 2 T&C Saloons up to December 1977.

This will be for race saloons with an up to date Certificate of Description (COD) and will, as a broad generalisation, be for cars with all steel bodies and exterior trim with the majority of the interior intact running the original type of engine and gearbox on WOF standard tyres.

The following is a link to relevant Motorsport NZ rules pertaining to Group 2

The intent of this class, is to allow the older vehicles of our Club to run alongside similar and visually compatible vehicles as regards presentation and driver standards, without the disparity of technology and appearance that has occurred from time to time in the past.

Sub classes will be:

  • 0 to 1000cc,
  • 1001cc to 1500cc,
  • 1501 to 2500cc,
  • 2500cc to 4200cc,
  • and over 4201cc.

So you will now be competing primarily against vehicles of similar capacity in the overall field.

We have appointed Wayne Perkins as the series co-ordinator and all queries and information or direction requests should be directed to him at [email protected]

Wayne will be the person who decides whether a vehicle will be included on the grid for our new class and the emphasis will be on period correctness.

We anticipate having sufficient entries to run a dedicated race for Group 2 Historic Saloons of the 60's and 70's at next year’s Southern Classic at Levels and the organisers of  the George Begg Speedfest are doing the same at their event. Once again Wayne is the go to person to be included at those events.

In the interim starting at our AGM meeting in spring 2020 we will have a separate grid for the Group 2 saloons in the saloon car class until their numbers build to the level where they have their own race.


By contacting Wayne Perkins at [email protected] or 021 549 551