If you currently own a classic racing car that doesn’t quite fit in with some of the other groups available, the Classic Motor Racing Club has created a new group which may just be what you’re looking for.

The Classic Allcomers Saloons group caters for a wide range of Classic competition cars based solely on lap time and not strictly specification.

To compete in the group, you will need to adhere to our regulations regulations which can be viewed below in the attachment, but in essence, if you own a race car which is Pre 1990 in both manufacture date, technology and appearance we would like to talk to you!

The Group is split into two, lap time-based classes to provide close racing for all manner of competitors and cars-


CLASS A                No faster than (1.03),  and no slower than  (1.13)

CLASS B                No faster than (1.13),  and no slower than (1.25)

Examples of cars appearing within the group range from older OSCA Cars, Sports Sedans, Shellsport and Shellsport revival cars, Super Saloons, GT’s, Muscle Cars, and Classic Saloons varying from Mini Coopers through to Sierra Cosworth Sapphires.

Cars do not have to be Historic or original series race cars; they can be replicas and club cars. Tyre choice is open, and the group does not require COD’s, however if you are thinking about applying for a COD in the future – please let us know as we may be able to assist with this.

As per all groups within the Classic Motor Racing Club, this is a place where owners of

vehicles from a past era can run them in a friendly racing environment. This is not a championship, and winning races is held in lesser regard than the sheer enjoyment of being involved. The group has an excellent group of helpers who will be aiding with driver standards on and off track, with the emphasis always being on safe, friendly competition.

For the rules, and regulations of this group please see the attachment below, and if you have a vehicle which may be suitable, we would like to hear from you.

Series Coordinator Steve Keene                Ph – 021-740-855