5th  September 2020 STANDARD SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS PARTS ONE & TWO 1.         JURISDICTION: This event is a National Race Meeting, promoted by Classic Motor Racing Club of NZ Inc at…

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Those Elusive Coupes


The Chevy Coupe project is not forgotten, just delayed. In the meantime here is some more appetite whetting to fill the gap, being background notes on a few puzzles about…

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Blue Flame Bonus


The Snoop suggested an article on the Silvester Chevy Coupe. A quick look uncovered many more racing Coupes, so the story will be a bit bigger. In the meantime, to…

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Edward’s Engines


In the late 1920’s a young engineer designed a most unusual motorcycle engine. It was a pair of OHC parallel twins geared together in a four cylinder block with a…

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When is a Sports Car a Saloon?

The snoop has ferreted out a dusty old photograph of a sports car attempting to disguise itself as a saloon. I remember it well, having been perplexed by it myself…

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